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Merete Technologies, Inc. wishes to thank all of the AAOS attendees for stopping by its booth at the AAOS annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. 

This year, merete® showcased the PediatrOS™ line of flexible, anatomically formed staples for gentle growth corrections in children’s legs. The FlexTack™ inhibits bone growth on one side of the physics to correct valgus and varus deformities. The RigidTack™ corrects leg length discrepancies by constraining the growth plate of the longer leg until the contra-lateral length is adjusted.

Furthermore, it was presented the merete® foot and ankle solutions plus the OsteoBridge Intramedullary Knee Arthrodesis (IKA) Rod Fixation System and the Intramedullary Diaphyseal Segmental Defect Fixation (IDSF) System. The FDA-cleared IDSF system is allowing surgeons to save the limbs — and arguably lives — of seriously ill cancer patients.

We look forward to next year’s meeting in San Diego, California.


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We are glad to present you our first newsletter "Merete in Motion".

You will find it in our newsletter section.

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We are happy to present to you our second edition of our newsletter "Merete in Motion".

To read, please go to the newsletter section.

In our second issue of the merete&friends magazine, germany’s leading orthopedic surgeons will speak. Read here how the system has developed into the golden standard of revision endoprosthetics in 15 years of user experience.

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Merete GmbH and Merete Technologies, Inc.’s relaunch of the original Mecron Cannulated Screw drew international interest at the 2017 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Annual Meeting from March 14-18 in San Diego.

Hundreds of medical experts requested information on the classic, most-imitated bone screw, undergoing its first update in nearly 50 years.

German orthopaedic implant pioneer Emmanuel Anapliotis introduced the Mecron cannulated screw in the late 1960s. His innovation swiftly became indispensable in orthopedic surgery.

Merete CEO Alexia Anapliotis is taking her father’s design a step farther by redesigning the screws specifically to meet the expectations of the extremity surgeons.  “We have studied every screw on the global market.  We are excited to deliver a new screw system which incorporates all of the best features.  Once the surgeons experience the compression our screws deliver, they will understand and tactically sense the significance of these new designs.”

Merete, making its return to the world’s largest orthopaedic exhibition, also exhibited its best-selling OsteoBridge ™ knee arthrodesis line, the OsteoBridge ™ Diaphyse oncology system, the BioBall hip revision system, the PediatrOS line of pediatric implants and its versatile foot and ankle portfolio of plating solutions.
The AAOS conference drew an estimated 30,000 physicians and specialists, including 15,000 international visitors.
We are happy to provide information on our innovative surgical solutions to conference attendees. Please call Tina at (630) 613-7182.
We look forward to rolling out more new innovations at the 2018 AAOS next March in New Orleans.





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