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Start News OsteoBridge Spacer Connector Approved by FDA


Merete's OsteoBridge® Spacer Connector receives FDA Approval

Merete Medical has received the FDA clearance to expand its Merete OsteoBridge® IDSF System with the Spacer Connectors. The OsteoBridge IDSF is a modular system for the management of segmental diaphyseal bone loss in oncology patients secondary to radical bone loss and / or resection due to tumors in Humerus, Femur and Tibia. The System has been successfull on the US market since 2008. Bone defects up to 7 cm length could be bridged by the system so far. Now the system has been upgraded by an additional component: the Spacer Connector. This connection piece allows two spacers to be connected for the management of larger defects. Resections between 4 and 14 cm can now be bridged in 1 cm increments, allowing the surgeon to adapt the system even better to the requirements of the patient.