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Start News Merete Technologies, Inc. announced the launch of its novel epiphysiodesis staples

Chicago/ Berlin, 02/08/2016.
Merete Technologies, Inc. announced the launch of its novel epiphysiodesis staples. The PediatrOS™ RigidTack™/ FlexTack™ bone implants received FDA 510(k) clearance to guide growth in children and adolescents with leg length differences and angular deformities End of Dec. 2015.
The staples provide “very simple and gentle ways of correcting these issues in patients who are still growing,” said creator Prof. Robert Rödl, Head Physician and Doctor of Medicine at Münster University.
“The easiest way of getting crooked legs to grow straight again is to regulate growth. Selectively stopping growth makes it possible to straighten out a bent leg or give the short leg time to catch up with the longer one,” the award-winning orthopaedic surgeon said.
The titanium alloy staples combine an optimized anatomical fit available in multiple sizes with a fast, 30-minute, minimally invasive surgery technique for a swift recovery. This implant offers easier placement, reduced fluoroscopy and quicker correction [1]. The biomechanical improvements result in enhanced growth guidance, faster corrections and almost no implant-associated complications, as well as early weight-bearing properties.
PediatrOS™ FlexTack™ inhibits bone growth on one side of the physis to correct valgus or varus deformities. PediatrOS™  RigidTack™ corrects leg length discrepancies by constraining the growth plate of the longer leg until the contra-lateral length is adjusted. The resulting rigid compression of the epiphyseal plate prevents the longer leg from growing.
Both systems feature a trapezoidal-shaped staple to adapt to anatomical curvatures. “We are excited to introduce our pediatric implants to the U.S. market,” said Jeff Johnson, National Sales and Marketing Manager of Merete Technology, Inc. “These surgeon-designed staples offer gentle, minimally invasive corrections to pediatric varus and valgus indications of the knee.  We are pleased to offer this solution to surgeons as well as young patients and their families.”
For more information, please visit Merete Technology, Inc. at Booth No. 2229 at the 2016 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting from March 1-5 in Orlando or contact your local sales representative.
About Merete Technologies, Inc., Subsidiary of Merete Medical GmbH (Germany)
Merete Medical, with its Subsidiary Merete Technologies, Inc., is a German medical device manufacturing company founded in 1996. Merete Medical specializes in the development and manufacture of medical products used in orthopedics. Merete’s foot and ankle reconstructive product line offers a complete range of innovative implants for the correction of moderate to severe as well as trauma-induced deformities. Merete collaborates with surgeons to develop uniquely different and innovative implants for the most challenging indications. The company’s state-of-the-art production facilities and industry renowned technologies allow it to provide implants made from metal and absorbable or non-absorbable synthetics. Additionally Merete offers products for Knee Fusion and Oncology Surgery.
[1] Vogt B, Kleine-König MT, Gosheger G, Tretwo H. et. al., “FlexTackTM for temporal hemiephiphysiodesis – Easier implantation, reduced fluoroscopy and quicker correction compared to eight-PlateTM”, 2015, German Congress of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery (DKOU).